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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

On December 30th, 2020, my wife and I drove my mom, her dog Princess, and all of her belongings from Florida to our home in Virginia. She had a heart attack earlier in the month, had a stent placed near her left anterior descending artery in her heart. Add to that, 50 years of stress, thyroid issues, and putting everyone else's needs in front of her own, it was time for a change. So, she lives with us now. It's been a month, so we've had time to get her settled in and see what's going on. My sister Jackie has taken the lead on all of mom's paperwork, medication, mail, instructions, given us a diet for mom to follow, and is watching her sleep and exercise. If you know Jackie, she takes nutrition and self care seriously, so I'll do whatever she tells me (self care is something I'm not well versed in). I'm a middle aged husband, father, and son who has been working with the military for 20 years. I love data, technology, and following orders. So having Jackie in charge really helps. We're a good team. We also have force multipliers. My wife Kara and our daughter Maddie are so awesome with mom. I know mom is surrounded by love 24x7. Our friends, family, and neighbors are super supportive, we're overwhelmed with how many people care about mom. This page was initially meant to share as much info as easily as possible with Jackie, who is 6,000 miles away. Eventually, it will be a tribute to mom's life, sharing her family pics and videos, and reconnecting with the Myers, Prevost, Emmart and Arbogast family. But the ultimate goal is to share the steps we've taken and are taking to get mom better. Maybe something we share here can help someone else who might be dealing with the same types of issues. Or maybe you can tell me what we are doing wrong. I know there's things I don't know, so I want harness the power of the internet to make sure mom is getting the best care possible, and provide that info to others who might benefit from it. No trolls permitted :)

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