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Mom's Pills

Finally have some time to work on this some more. We can’t really start talking about mom’s health without starting with the basics. Over the next few posts, we’ll talk about her medication, nutrition, and exercise. Today, it’s medication. Every 2 weeks, I plan out her daily pills and take stock of how much is left. I highly recommend using 2 organizers like I have in the video ( If you use our links, a small percentage of your purchase goes towards moms care.

Waking on empty stomach ("morning pills")

NP Thyroid - 60mg

Vitamin D3 - 10000 IU (

Multivitamin Gummy (

With breakfast

Spironolactone - 25mg

Metoprolol Succ Er - 25mg

Clopidogrel - 75mg

Atorvastatin - 40mg (half an 80mg)

Entresto - 24-26mg

With breakfast Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Furosemide - 20mg

Potassium/Klor-Con - 10meq

With dinner

Entresto - 24-26mg

Aspirin - 81mg (

Thorne Meriva Curcumin (

Melatonin - 10mg (

At bedtime

Naltrexone - 4.5mg

Melatonin - 10mg (

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